Random Poster Series

With the constant, multi-channel stream of information threatening to overwhelm our senses, we believe in the power of design to extract clarity out of chaos. This poster series is an exercise in putting that theory to the test.

The assignment

Every Monday, we select a random article on Wikipedia, a random quotation on QuotationsPage.com, and the first photo that appears on Flickr when selecting “explore the last seven days.” Choosing one of these options, over the course of the week, we create a poster in five hours or less.

12 thoughts on “Random Poster Series

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  3. Jon Siess

    This series provides compelling evidence of Woychick’s talent. I like them all. I vote for #5 (“Words to the wise”) because it strikes me at the most “Woychickean” — gracefully combining text with conceptual insight. Bravo.

  4. Eddie

    Didnt you have a poster around election time about freedom? I remember that it was a very strong message.

    1. woychickdesign Post author

      Eddie: Good memory! It was probably around election time about four years ago. I’ll try to dig that up and send you a PDF.

  5. Penny

    I like 17 — it somehow makes beautiful something that I usually loathe, the alarm clock. And reminds me to keep on pushing! 🙂


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